High-Class Escort Booking

Congratulations that you decided to meet me in person.

The following lines explain the organizational sequence, how you can reserve for a fixed appointment with me (reservation).

What types of payment is accepted?

I’d love to receive my fee in an open envelope at the beginning of our meeting.

When is a meeting between us confirmed?

To confirm a meeting, a PayPal deposit is required in the amount of my traval expenses.

In order to trigger the transfer, you need a PayPal account. Once you are logged in to PayPal, you can easily charge your PayPal credit balance by bank transfer or credit card.

The exact amount and how you can find me at PayPal, you can request on our personal conversation available under my contact form:

Request a meeting with Mycha

Of course you also can use my PayPal.Me link:


If you have any further questions, I can help you at any time. In this case, I am looking forward to hearing from you – preferably by phone.

Inquiries for further private pictures or a video chat will be accepted after completing a confirmed reservation.

Looking forward to making your acquaintance soon and spending a relaxing time with you.

Best wishes đź’‹ yours sincerely Mycha


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