Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below you can find a collection of questions that appear from time to time mostly related to my erotic services. You can use the search function of your browser to search for specific words (usually CMD-F or STRG-F keyboard combinations):

How much does it cost to meet you?
What do you charge for 1 hour?

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Unlike other girls I do not consider myself a ‘prostitute’ nor would you ever find me working in a brothel. I respect what these ladies do, but decided for myself personally that I want to work on a different level. My company is based on sympathy, empathy and attraction for each other without the disadvantages that can be related to a traditional relationship between two humans. There are no fixed price tags for what I’m offering. It is up to you (and only to you) to make a proposal that is holding me in high esteem. Therefore you can never expect me to name you a number. If you feel unsure about what would be respectful or not, I’d expect you to become familiar what that means in detail, before contacting me.

For further information how to make a proposal please visit this page:
High-Class escort payment

What kind of services are included when we meet?
Do you love this or that kind of sexual practices?

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Although I am sexually very open and absolutely experienced in most areas of sexual intercourse, sexual practices are not in the center of my attention when we meet each other. My idea is that the both of us share a fantastic time together. Conversations may also touch some of these topics once you find that you can trust me and the right ambience is in place.

What is your address?
Are we going to be alone in your apartment?

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Meetings never take place at my private facilities

Why do I need PayPal?

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PayPal is absolutely mandatory to finalize your escort booking, video purchases, your Exclusive Membership or any other offering from my website erotic services overview. I decided to use PayPal because it is an internationally well established and well accepted payment method. Everyone can create a PayPal account within a few minutes. You can charge your PayPal credit balance with your favorite credit card or via bank transfer without disclosing that data to me or anyone else. In some cases you even wouldn’t want me to know your real name, so in these cases you can create a Paypal account under a pseudonym.

High-Class escort services only: In the case of a High-Class escort service booking usually you send the reservation fee to my PayPal account before you receive a confirmation of our meeting. The fee is a smaller amount depending on the distance from my location to your location. I use Google maps to calculate travel times. Every traveling minute equals 1 Euro. For a meeting in Düsseldorf the reservation fee is usually an amount between 10 up to 30 Euro.

About PayPal:
Wikipedia article about PayPal

PayPal security and privacy:
PayPal Buyer Protection Website

What happens when we meet and you or me we decide to withdraw from the meeting?
What if we have to delay/postpone the meeting?

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Example 1: We meet at a restaurant and find that we have to end the meeting earlier than expected. Can be for both sides for personal reasons (like sympathy) or any other reason. In this case you pay only the reservation fee and if we exchanged already any other fees I return to you any other payments less a show up fee of 100 Euro.

Example 2: We fixed a meeting for tomorrow 18:00 PM. You work longer (but also any other reasons) and you rather feel like you love to cancel or postpone our meeting. 2 hours before I start my traveling or earlier any payments will be returned to your PayPal account. That’s all. We can then decide to reschedule a new time for us or leave it open. If your cancellation is later than 2 hours before I planned my traveling the fees can be usually returned.

Mycha I see one of your erotic offers contains an erotic massage. Does it finish with a happy end?

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The erotic massage is an erotic service that doesn’t include any sexual contact. We can be both naked and it’s possible that the situation experienced feels really hot for you or for the both of us. However you will have to spare all your sexual energy until I have left. If I get the feeling that the situation is misinterpreted by you, the session will come to an immediate end. I offer the erotic massage as a standardized service – something in between a usual massage and my High-Class escort services. The reason for my erotic massage offering was to find a solution for people who cannot afford my High-Class escort services. At the same time helping me not to become part of something, that I never intended to be.

Important notice: my High-Class escort service can – but never has to include sexual intercourse. As already mentioned there’s a massive difference between escorts in the common sexual entertainment business and between the kind of High-Class escort service I love to do.

Is it possible to extend the erotic massage to a High-Class escort service?

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No, that’s absolutely not possible. The situation can already be very arousing, when you ask me for that. But to be very clear about it. My High-Class escort service is based on two personalities who decide to spend time together on a spiritual level, that can later lead into a physical level. When you ask me that question in such a situation while we are involved in an erotic massage you’d completely override that concept and put me into a role of a person, that I will never agree to. If you changed your preference into rather meeting me as part of my High-Class escort service, then my only proposal in such a situation will always be to propose you a meeting on another day.

Age verification methods

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To complete the registration as an Exclusive Member or to complete your 18+ content purchase (e.g. video purchase), we are going to validate your age is 18+.
There are currently four options to do that:
– Skype video call
– Facebook video call
– WhatsApp video call
or last but not least
– You can send me a portrait where you hold a sheet of paper next to your face, where you noted down a phrase that I will send to you.

In case you are obviously 18+ no ID cards will be required. No data will be stored permanently on any storage I own or make use of. After your age verification is completed I will only keep a short notice that you already verified. Only clothed video calls or pictures will be accepted. Any violations will result in the instant rejection of your purchase order and in the case of the Exclusive Membership in the termination of your membership. In very few cases people look so young that I will have to ask you for your id card or another official document (e.g. drivers license, passport, …) to confirm you are 18+. This is required by Germany legislation to avoid teenagers get access to my hot content. I definitely decided to take over my responsibilities here to help achieving this out of respect for all the kids out there who should have a fantastic childhood.

How can I book your standardized erotic services?

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Please send me a request form from this page If you love to discuss the details of the desired service you can add a free text to your request, to describe what you love to experience. The pricing indications for the services mentioned on the erotic services page ‘starting from…’ usually relate to a common and very simple request. I am keen to make everything possible within my limit barriers, however be prepared that some offers can vary by your individual desires.

If you have any other questions that were not answered yet here, please feel free to contact me at any time:

Contact Mycha now

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