Frequently Asked Questions 2018

Below you can find a collection of questions that appear from time to time mostly related to my erotic services. You can use the search function of your browser to search for specific words (usually CMD-F or STRG-F keyboard combinations):


Age verification methods

Related to: Videos, Exclusive Membership


To complete the registration as an Exclusive Member or to complete your 18+ content purchase (e.g. video purchase), we are going to validate your age is 18+.
There are currently four options to do that:
– Skype video call
– Facebook video call
– WhatsApp video call
or last but not least
– You can send me a portrait where you hold a sheet of paper next to your face, where you noted down a phrase that I will send to you.

In case you are obviously 18+ no ID cards will be required. No data will be stored permanently on any storage I own or make use of. After your age verification is completed I will only keep a short notice that you already verified. Only clothed video calls or pictures will be accepted. Any violations will result in the instant rejection of your purchase order and in the case of the Exclusive Membership in the termination of your membership. In very few cases people look so young that I will have to ask you for your id card or another official document (e.g. drivers license, passport, …) to confirm you are 18+. This is required by Germany legislation to avoid teenagers get access to my hot content. I definitely decided to take over my responsibilities here to help achieving this out of respect for all the kids out there who should have a fantastic childhood.

If you have any other questions that were not answered yet here, please feel free to contact me at any time:

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