Transgender Ambassador Program (TAP)

The situation of the global transgender population today

Millions of transgender people all over the world already had or plan to have a coming out in the near future. Based on my own experiences I have no doubt, that leaving the underground is an irreversible and massively life changing step. In most cases leading into significant loss in all aspects of life. People who disclose, or appear in the opposite gender identity, that was assigned to them at birth, put everything at an incalculable risk. This includes in many countries the renunciation of all basic human rights. Including the right to live. Western civilizations appear to be less withdrawing according to human rights. Regardless of the geo location, and the political conditions a massive degradation of basic life circumstances, for people who come out, is the reality for most transgender people. Including rights and privileges that most people assume are undisputed. It seems that all the efforts made in history, to establish these basic human rights become invalidated, just in the moment you are about to decide to express a deviating gender identity. Don’t believe me? Try a coming out and note down all the changes that come over you.

We have to engage now

With this being said, now is the right time, to welcome you to my most personal and absolutely serious appeal to anyone of you. It is essential to all transgender people and those who are related to this minority, to achieve a significant positive change. Transgender people are becoming a more and more relevant part of the society. The transgender population is constantly growing by numbers and influence. There is no more time to ignore the demand for instant and efficient action, to improve the living conditions for the transgender community.

Shaping every brick of our new house

While it takes time to change laws, there is many areas that we can start to work on just starting right now. Most politicians act driven by the leading public opinion. Therefore the public is the key to generate changes. But what is the public? Well that is any individual. You and me and all the other people we deal with day by day. Starting to shape every unique brick, is the best way to define the house of acceptance we want to build.

It is about you taking responsibility now, this affects anyone

You see? Your own decision to engage in this complex matter is more than crucial to shift human culture into the best possible manifestation. Please consider this is a call for action to anyone out there, who wants to make our world a better place for the existing and for our future generations. It’s not just abstract generations. I mean we talk about the ones we love the most. We talk about the design of the future of our beloved kids, our grandchildren, our nieces and our nephews. Ever thought of how you want them to grow up? Do you want these little people to grow up in a place where acceptance depends on the fact being part of a minority, that is ignored by society or not? I can assure you that there is no one single transgender person out there who has chosen to be transgender. This can affect any family any circle of friends. People are born transgender, like you were born boys and girls. Did you have a choice? I guess no, so are we. There was never a choice to become transgender or not.

Become a contributor now

This call is especially but not explicitly limited to support transgender people. Become an active contributor to the concept, that any human has the right to be an accepted and valued member of our society. Anyone can make a difference. I believe that you can become a key personality in this challenge. We have to achieve equal chances for any person, although not privileged in any way, to lead a happy as possible life. Giving those people an option, who lost traction in the mainstream system. Help transgender people to become active members of our diverse lifestyles. Your engagement can change the game for countless human beings. At least we all deserve to get equal chances. Your actions are relevant to enable people from the edge of the society to become a respected and valuable part of the population. Let excluded people contribute to the benefits of humanity. Transgender people can take any responsibility, like any other human can do. Transgender people can and love to contribute to the public welfare. All transgender people can become a relevant person to you. Transgender people can fight fires, save lives, … The list is endless. Open your mind to aspects of your life, that you never thought of, a transgender person could have a positive effect for you.

Call to action

Please fill in the form at the bottom of this article, and register now to become an active member of my Transgender Ambassador Program (TAP).

What’s in it for you

Well, you get my love, my support, and not only from me, many other transgender and intersex people will be endlessly thankful for your help. You will be a good example to many other folks, that will follow your positive example. Don’t just talk about being a hero. Be a hero now. There are countless more people like me out there in our world, facing acceptance issues on a day to day base. This has to change immediately. Be a part of the movement, and help us to make a difference.

Who can join

Any person regardless of social status, regardless of culture, regardless of religion, regardless of nationality, regardless of gender, regardless of age, regardless of profession, regardless of whatsoever we often experience is being used to isolate and differentiate people from each other, instead of bringing positive minded people together, to create something of endless value. A world where acceptance for each other becomes the most important value to anyone.

What support do you get to be prepared for your Transgender Ambassador role

We will hold virtual Skype meetings to discuss the challenges that you are going to face. Showing options how you can address and remove obstacles, that can come up, when you are leading conversations in your Transgender Ambassador role. Over the period we will present more and more success stories from ambassadors who experienced progress made by the activities carried out by our growing team of active Transgender Ambassadors.

How does the Transgender Ambassador Program (TAP) relate to other initiatives for transgender people

We are independent from any other initiatives that support transgender people. Our approach is to have an ambassador in every small village, any corporation, any club, any country, any church, any temple, any building, any school, any university, simply any single place that exists out there, no matter how big or small it might appear to us. Transgender people roam around the world like any other human. We want anyone anywhere to be welcoming and open minded when meeting people who are just a bit different from mainstream. Any of our Transgender Ambassadors will be the voice of the transgender movement. Compared to other activists in the field, the plan is to have a majority of non transgender people on our team. People who speak the same language, and live a life that can compare to those people we try to address with our program.

Why focus on the acceptance of transgender people

Well there’s many other minority’s that experience injustice and ignorance, violence, bullying, crime, political, and institutional mistreatment. I believe that all people will benefit from a successful Transgender Ambassador Program. I am also open to expand our range of focus areas, if you feel more comfortable and more dedicated to other minorities. Provided the fact that we find enough people/knowledge on our team that can support that specific area. I want all Transgender Ambassadors to be prepared as good as possible for the task – including knowledge, wording, message, etc.

How do everyday activities look like

Transgender Ambassadors are active any time any place. They talk to all kinds of different people from any corner of society. People they usually meet. Ambassadors add a tremendous value to their conversations. They offer their knowledge and constantly growing experience removing prejudices against the transgender minority. They spread real knowledge about the transgender community. Opening people’s minds to welcome transgender people. Ambassadors create interest in the aspects of the lives and specific challenges transgender people have to face daily. Creating acceptance and understanding. Opening up people who paid no attention to this constantly evolving and establishing group of humans. Creating opportunities to learn from each other instead of falling back into prejudices against each other. We create understanding. Ambassadors can hold or invite anyone to the weekly information broadcasts that will take place on a regular base. Ambassadors ask their people to become an ambassador. We need many helping hands and voices. Recordings will be made available to anyone who can not attend personally or who want to repeat the session to get a deeper understanding. We will present various real life reports of real transgender people. Describing all different aspects of all kinds of various experiences that happened to them, how they felt in that specific situation, and how acceptance gaps can be replaced by a more open and supportive culture. Topics will include all aspects of life in any area. That can be any experience a transgender person experienced. Good ones as well as bad experiences.

Call to action

Register below to become a part of the Transgender Ambassador Program now. Take responsibility for our future. It’s good to have people fighting for the global well-being in different domains like environmental protection, children, hunger, democracy, peace, animal protection. We will add our value on the mental and on the base of the society level, which is one of the most relevant pillars of humanity.

What happens after the registration

You will receive a personal welcoming message from me, explaining you the next steps to bring you onboard of the Transgender Ambassador Program (TAP)

Let’s make the world a better place right now ❤️

Welcome on board, yours sincerely Mycha Goldmann

Please share this with anyone you know, thanks

Registration form:




3 Replies to “Transgender Ambassador Program (TAP)”

    1. That’s true. Anyway we shouldn’t talk about fake or not. We are not entitled to judge about any person, and if that person is trans or not. It doesn’t really matter tbh. Bc anyone deserves to be accepted how the person is. I want people in every area of life to be that ambassador person to proactively spread the word on transgender people, preparing them, to accept any flavor of being trans, before they even can donit wrong. Well that’s a big thing and a long way to go there.


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