November Photoshooting

#transisbeautyful #thisiswhattranslookslike

Hello everybody, I thought I’d love to share some pictures with you from a recent photo shooting to say thank you to all of you, who supported me over the last couple of months, some even longer since I started my journey and who were always there for me. I feel so emotional when I think of you. There’s too many to mention all of you, anyway I love to mention Ingelise, Jan, Anna, Veronika, Laura Angelica, Wesley, Luciana, Rachel, Easy, my family, the salon crew, Gregor, Katja, RA T., Thomas, Olaf, Aleks, Sven, Daniela, Adriana, Michael, Simone, Carsten, Mihai, Martin, Gerald, Gerlinde, Udo, Marc, Tanja, Michael, Dr S. and his staff, Dr D., Sbyczek, Mr and Mrs Z., Jolanda, Elli, Sasha, Moni, Raziel, Alexis, James, Bernadette, Gwendolyn, Vallin, Thierry, Michelle, Graeme, Hanjo, Andre, Zoran, Chris, Regina, Julia, Tudor, Dragan, Monika, Shauna-Marie, Andrea, Volker, Thorsten, Eleanor, Mila, Karen, Jan, Denis, Ramon, Gene, Detlef, Tina, Linda, Pedro, Tabi, Alistair, Michi, Antonia, Adele, Sam, Rudas team, Mandy, Michael, Karen, Vivien, Milou, Shirin, Lahna, George, Billy, Norbert, … the list is endless, and I hope I didn’t miss anyone, that’s why I usually never put these lists together, also the order is random, except for Ingelise, who became very exceptional friend to me and I cannot miss her anymore, cause you are super amazing ❤️❤️❤️ everyone on that list is simply just incredibly amazing ❤️ hugs, kisses, love to all of you Mycha


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