You and us

Hello everyone and welcome back to my roots of blogging. Today I will share with you some dark sides of being a transgender girl in our days. Everyone who is interested to look behind the glamour curtain of a very few respected trans ladies is invited to read and comment here. By the way don’t these glamour ladies share the same experiences as any other trans woman?

You can comment? Right, but not exactly here my dearest friend. If you belong to the group of people who need to leave their footprints everywhere scroll down please. For those who prefer to read my nonsense before commenting it – today you will learn a lot about my current mindset and how I see myself and the world around me.

You and us?

Mycha why you choose that title for your next blog post? What was your intention?

It’s part of my current perspective on life that’s driving me these days. Since I started experiencing myself being trans that perspective changed dramatically. Let me give you an example.

The period before (my coming out) was different in any aspect. Noone, even I didn’t realize that I was a special person different from any other person out there. I had a family, friends, I fell in love, had a good job, my life was not special from the outside, at all. Basically that meant I can participate in everyday life not caring about a thing. I didn’t have to care about where I go, because people hardly took any notice of me being there.

When I leave my apartment today you cannot compare that with the life I led before. If you are me if you want it or not what’s on your mind would be something like this:

Have I ever been there?

How did it feel to be there the last time?

If I’ve never been there before it’s like:

Should I go there?

Is it really necessary to go there?

What do I have to expect based on the experiences I’ve made before?

Sounds like usual stuff to you to ask yourself these questions? Welcome on my blog my beloved trans sister.

Sounds crazy to you? Welcome my non-trans friend. You are now seeing the world through my eyes.

To explain the blog title in summary apart from any thinking about where to go or not there’s a ton of other criteria that separates trans people and here particularly trans women from the rest of the population. That’s why I’ve chosen the title ‘You and us’ for this article.


You can go anywhere at any given time, without thinking about it. You can travel to most Countries spontaneously. You wouldn’t study how friendly the people may be towards you. You wouldn’t have to care if that place would be safe for you. You are most likely to book a room somewhere and start your travel right away.


We are very limited to go somewhere. Most of us prefer their homes, because we know that we can be there who we are. It can go bad, but not unless we switch on our cellphones to be on social media. If we leave the phone aside, it can really be a good day for us. When we think about travel it’s a chaos in our heads. Any country is at least rated and ranked for LGBT people in many categories. So the first thing is to read all that information on the net. Can you imagine you ever did that? I mean you are more likely to ask a good friend. Let’s say for example you want to go to Dubai, right. You’d call your best friend Mohamed asking him ‘hey dude I wanna go to Dubai. You got any hints about the nightlife over there?’ Nightlife? That’s in my case the least thing I care about. I wanna know if I will pass security checks at my airport, without any complications. But what’s even more important is, will I be able to leave the target airport without being beaten to death. Gay people think not like me. In most cases you cannot see they are gay. They can dress appropriately for the country they plan to go. Instead of their pink hot pants they can decide for a suit. You say I could do that as well? Honey I’ve got a pair of C-cups on my breast. That suit is gonna look weird on me.

There’s many more you and us’s I can tell you about, but for now you’ve got enough food for your mind to think about. Well I hope so. Meanwhile most of my anger on the world is already gone just that I’ve written a couple of sentences about it.

The things I’ve said about comments… I was joking. I will be happy to get your views on this.

Hugs, kisses, love Mycha


  1. Hey Mycha,

    No doubt about it, trans womens’ travel options are limited. But now you have an excuse to spend more time in some of the finest destinations in the world, e.g. Barcelona, Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, Paris. If you want to visit Australia, Sydney and Melbourne are both on the welcoming side of the spectrum (Sydney in particular is a world-renowned queer-friendly destination). Byron Bay is a progressive town in New South Wales (one hour’s flight from Sydney), if you like smaller places, and from there you can reach Nimbin, which is a hippy village.

    Good luck to you in the New Year 2018! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Epiphanie, omg it’s in the middle of the night here 😊 thank you I really appreciate your comment and the recommended places are definitely places I love to visit 😊 lets stay in touch Mycha


      1. Hey Mycha, sorry if I woke you up. Yes, let’s keep in touch, and if you come to Sydney I can show you around. Shall I give you my email? I notice you use Twitter for work, which I’m not so interested in, but I still like you and it’s a good idea to stay in touch. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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