Tutorial – How to cleanup your Twitter account from unwanted users

Welcome back my friends ❤️

What’s in it for you to read on here

Hello, this is Mycha again, and today you can learn something useful about Twitter. Something that is annoying most of the users, whom I know personally. It is the exploding amount of unwanted accounts on your follower list, and in most cases also on the list of accounts you follow yourself. For me I want to return the favor of a follow in most cases, so I’m using apps that automate the follow-back for me. The advantage is, that it saves valuable time to use these tools. The disadvantage is, that you automatically gain unwanted accounts on your follow list, too. You don’t double check your new followers usually. It is time consuming, and in most cases hard to figure out, if your assumptions on this new follower account are correct. In my case this includes all accounts using foreign alphabets, which I simply can’t read (e.g. arab/russian/asian/indian languages), and it’s even harder with generic or non-human accounts, who cover themselves as ‘good’ accounts. All of them can be summarized as bots.

Why not using an automated tool to remove these bots?

Well, the answer is simple. Whenever you use an automated approach like botornot.co, to remove your bots, there’s a high risk of failure. Obviously you wouldn’t want to remove some of your good friends. Using a bot to remove bots is not what you want to do. You can believe me, that I have tried it many times. Each time resulting in annoyed Twitter friends, who couldn’t understand why I blocked them. So I needed another solution for me, and maybe this is also useful to you.

Where to start with

Go to your Twitter timeline. Are there any tweets that are annoying you? Perfect. Now what I initially want to do, is to block that account, who was retweeting the annoying tweet. Remove the source of the problem. And that’s okay, but not very effective. Because you remove only this single account, and it takes time to scroll through your complete timeline to find the next one. What I want from you is to click on the account without blocking it instantly. Now the next thing is not to block it, but to go the follower list of that account. In most cases you’ll find other accounts on their follower list, that you follow as well, and that are annoying you, too. In my example it is the case. Now I can easily select this one and block it.

You get this menu by clicking on the gearwheel symbol. When finished, you can further scroll through the follower list of that bot account and repeat the fun, as often as you can’t find any more of these bots or stop here. Finally you go back to the initial bot account and block it also, and you are done. Good job!!!

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial here, and that you find it useful to cleanup your Twitter from unwanted follower accounts. Don’t hesitate to contact me, in case you have any questions to me.


Love, Mycha

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