Open up – and start living

Rising importance of self-fulfilment

I don’t know how you perform against target, when it comes to live an open life. To do one’s own thing. Not caring what others say. In our times when doing your job becomes less important every day, self-fulfilment gains more and more importance. Humans never had as much time to spent for themselves, than ever before. And the progress is not at its end.

Barely a thing a thing could not do

If you are not convinced that the statement ‘doing a job becomes less important’ is true – I’m gonna answer these questions below. There is barely a thing a machine wouldn’t be able to do for us. It’s only a question of time, when a programmer or an engineer will create a thing, that simply can do it. And you know what’s the truth – whenever something is possible, there will be someone who will push that button. Then after a certain time of assimilation it becomes mainstream. It happend to the nuclear thing, and it’s happening all the time to any other innovation.

Fear of the ‘new’ reality

While this scenario is becoming our new/old reality, there’s still some time left, we hope. I think hope is the right term. Most humans fear changes. The vision that our contribution to the economy can be superfluous, is disturbing us. Just think about the industrial revolution in the early 1900s. Today automation and productivity for the masses are nothing special any more. I would go a step further and say:

Tell me something you think of a human is doing today, and cannot be replaced by a thing, and I give you the proof that you are wrong.

Who is Watson?

Let me give you just one example – one out of many others. Watson is an artificial intelligence designed and produced by IBM. Did you know that recently about 30 insurance employees were replaced by Watson? These people used to perform calculations in which cases an insurance was paid out or not. For those who are not familiar with the insurance industry, it’s very complex work. There are countless parameters that have to be valid, before a payment can be approved. They found that Watson can do the job more accurate and quicker than any human. A highly decreased risk of false payments. Watson is also capable of working 24/7 throughout the full year cycle. No breaks, no vacations, he never needs to request a time off. Someone found that return on investment will be realized in less than two years. And guess what, they just did it.

But my job is too complicated to being replaced by a machine

No, you are wrong!


Now let’s get back to human nature again. For the majority of the time that I spent on planet earth, I was driven by my doubts, and what people would think, if I do this and that.

Where does that come from?

Every culture knows morality, and ‘good attitudes’. Meaning there is standards out there. You and I we get measured by society, by our own families how close we apply to those standards. Everyone is judging us. You can find that in every school system. Good students get good grades. Good children get awarded while bad children get punished. People who stick with the law never get in jail. Sure it happens sometimes that people get locked up for nothing. These are little failures in the system. But the concept how every society is working should be clear.

Start with the small things 

Are you one of those people who always question themselves – who need to justify every little behavior against morality? Very often it’s the small things in our everyday life, that are the starting points for our limited lives.

When I come late home, what would my neighbors think about me?

It’s none of their business!

When I wear that short skirt in office, what would my colleagues think?

It’s none of their business!

Often those who fear gossip are the worst people. Thinking if I couldn’t do it, others shouldn’t do it as well. We need to break down these barriers! And we can start small growing bigger every day.

I believe that one day you’ll find the true you. Not influenced by anyone. But still it’s a long way to go.

Why does that make sense?

Because whether your job is going to be replaced by a machine, making you unemployed one day, or whether you’re going to retire, whether you plan to have a sabbatical, whether you go on vacation, whether the weekend is coming closer, whether you get sick and need to stay at home, whether it’s your freetime after you finished your work – you’re going go have much more time than your grandparents. And you’re gonna need to fill this time with something useful. Your own self-fulfillment, and the self-fulfillment of the people next to you will become more and more important. Don’t be a roadblocker but a catalyst for more tolerance and acceptance in our world. Everything starts small. And you are the smallest unit of your society.


Take care, Mycha

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