Where is that Henrik gone now?

A few months have now already passed since my coming out back in November 2016. Before that I was Henrik. Mostly. Henrik during the day, and Mycha at nighttime. Sometimes also more often. A constant back and forth. When you feel like a woman, it is very difficult for you, to return to the role of the man. It had to be, as long as I was not sure, that I wanted to make it official.

Who was Henrik?

Henrik was a father. He had four children aged seven to twelve, and an ex-wife from whom he had been separated for seven years. His ten-year-old son now lived with him. He had decided to live with his father because he wanted a closer and better contact with Henrik. In the years before – since the separation of the parents – he lived with his mother. Whenever Henrik picked him up, he was very unbalanced and angry. Henrik did not know what was going on with the boy. Before the children came to Dusseldorf, he could only see them every two weeks. This led him to have two lives. The life of a single, and the life of a family father. The distance to his family at that time was huge, also mentally. The daughters lived now with her. His girls visited him every two weeks. They shared the children on the weekends. One time with her, then with him again.

He had a younger brother who was quite unreliable on appointments. Also he got nothing fixed in his life. That annoyed Henrik very much. With his sister however, he understood very well. It was one to two times a week she visited him, and they had a relaxed relationship. Henrik’s mother lived 70 kilometers away, close to Aachen on the Belgian side. He visited her mostly for family celebrations, and was often snapped. That was because Mama often talked to him on the education of his kids. Otherwise she was a person who knew everything better than you.

Henrik was not a bad person, even though he did not have many friends. He had been together for almost four years with his friendship plus. He could see her almost every day, and the two were very happy.

Besides, he had all the freedoms, and always got to know new women. That was very important to him. He even had a wingman, with whom he was constantly on the road, to make new contacts. One evening, each of them had recorded eight new telephone numbers. These were very crazy times.

He has also been very successful in the job, and has worked successfully over the last ten years. The work in the field sales was his dream job. He was on the road all the time, and the income allowed him to live a carefree life.

Henrik loved football. At the World Cup he even took part in the car parade over Königsallee, and he had a Sky television football subscription for the Bundesliga and the Champions League. At Fifa 16 on the Playstation, on the other hand, he never got beyond the sixth league. He always thought he was a very good gamer. The blame that he had never gone further, he gave the game itself. It was just so miserably programmed, that the worse players were always preferred.

Henrik was way too slim for a real man. In younger years he had many problems with that. He even visited a gym for a year to train his body four times a week. Meanwhile, he could even increase his body weight from 70 to 75 kilos. He looked quite strong. That was when he was in his early twenties. Later he only very rarely engaged with practicing sports, and lost weight again. But that could never have stopped him from conquering women. Henrik was also very fashion conscious. He spent a lot of money to carry the latest clothes. You always had to look good, if you wanted to have success with women.

On the day after the coming out, Henrik had suddenly disappeared. No one knew where he was. Some suspected he left the country to the USA. In his previous job, he had been to New York before, and he liked it there very much. For some reason, no one reported a missing report to the police, and so the case remains unsolved. The whole thing is very much to think about, and is all in all very mysterious.

Strange woman

Since Henrik’s disappearance in November 2016, a strange woman lives in Henrik’s apartment. She looks very attractive with her long blond hair and long legs.

If Henrik were there, he would certainly try to pick her up. The girl can be really lucky, that he is not there. It is said that she was there one day. No one had ever seen her before. Whether she has anything to do with the disappearance of Henrik could not be finally clarified. But we continue to stick to the case 🙂


A thousand kisses from your Mycha

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