Answering to transgender questions – my way

Many bullies and uneducated people approach trans women, asking a variety of different, often insulting questions. Well although there is much advisory from my trans sisters how to react to these sometimes very transphobic statements, I decided to take my own approach. Doing it the Mycha-way 😊

When did you decide to be a woman?

Hey dude, that was yesterday, when I was with my buddies. We were so drunk man, and we were having sex. I mean anyone went like crazy, having sex with anyone. Then there were all these clothes from your GF lying around. Sorry dude…

Did you have any surgeries so far?

OMG if that was only one dude. First of all I got my brain removed. Then looking at the lower parts of my body I thought that my penis was way to small. You definitely know what I’m talking about, right? Yeah, you see?

How do you practice sex?

Well dude you could ask anyone from your family. When it’s up to dudes… well dude would you mind if I hug you now? Would you turn around, please? I don’t like to see their faces when I hug them.

Are you using the women’s toilet?

Hey dude it’s so easy to hook up girls on their toilets. I mean you just enter the room, drop your pants, and the party is on. And you know what the best thing is? Nope? It’s legal to be there, as long as you dress as a woman.

Are you gay then?

For sure dude, I’m so fucking gay. Would you mind if I hug you now?

What’s the difference between you and a drag queen?

Well dude, there is no such difference at all. Drags just take much cheaper makeup like I do.

So you are a transvestite then?

Congratulations my dude, you are so amazing intelligent. Why did noone else ever discover that before? Yeah. In fact I am on therapy since 5 years now. They put me in a closed lunatic asylum, but I was able to stab some of their stuff,  escaping them, and I’m still free. Dude? Why are you running?

So you are a dude in woman’s clothing

Wow dude! Really? Wow, I thought I wasn’t on crystal meth anymore. All that stuff they used to give me at that party yesterday. But… are you sure dude? Can I borrow your pants, please? Can you help a buddy out here? You mind if I hug you now?

Do you take hormones?

Dude, homones? Yeah okay. Wanna know the truth? I get a dose of HRT stuff every day. But my friend managed to trigger the prescription, so now I can get some better stuff from my pharmacist. Ever tried methadone?

Science tells there are only two genders

Dude I’m so happy you say that. I was afraid you were gay, aren’t you? Can I hug you now?


I hope you enjoyed my appoach, hugs from Mycha

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