Answering to a Twitter message about a 5 yo trans kid

Message from a mother Today I received a message from a caring mother of a trans child at the age of 5 years. As I started to answer her questions, I thought it could be of interest for other parents of trans kids as well. So I just copied my reply here: Feeling very surprised [...]

Open up – and start living

Rising importance of self-fulfilment I don't know how you perform against target, when it comes to live an open life. To do one's own thing. Not caring what others say. In our times when doing your job becomes less important every day, self-fulfilment gains more and more importance. Humans never had as much time to [...]

Let’s talk about suicide

Transgender statistics Normally I wouldn't pay much attention to what statistics claim. But what about transgender statistics? They draw a dark picture of what happens to about 40% of trans people. What they have experienced, or will experience soon. 40% - what's behind that number? This is supposedly the number of trans people who have [...]

Reden wir mal über Selbstmord

Transgender Statistiken Normalerweise gebe ich nicht viel darauf, was Statistiken behaupten. Aber wie verhält es sich mit Transgender Statistiken? Sie zeichnen ein dunkles Bild davon, was in etwa 40% der trans Menschen erleben. Was sie erlebt haben oder noch erleben werden. 40% was bedeutet das? Das ist angeblich die Zahl der trans Personen, die schon [...]

Answering to transgender questions – my way

Many bullies and uneducated people approach trans women, asking a variety of different, often insulting questions. Well although there is much advisory from my trans sisters how to react to these sometimes very transphobic statements, I decided to take my own approach. Doing it the Mycha-way 😊 When did you decide to be a woman? [...]

Wo ist dieser Henrik nur hin?

Einige Monate sind nun schon schon vergangen seit meinem Coming-out im November 2016. Davor war ich Henrik. Überwiegend. Henrik tagsüber und abends Mycha. Manchmal auch öfter. Ein ständiges hin und her. Wenn man sich als Frau fühlt, fällt es dir sehr schwer in die Rolle des Mannes zurückzukehren. Es musste sein, solange ich mir noch [...]

Where is that Henrik gone now?

A few months have now already passed since my coming out back in November 2016. Before that I was Henrik. Mostly. Henrik during the day, and Mycha at nighttime. Sometimes also more often. A constant back and forth. When you feel like a woman, it is very difficult for you, to return to the role [...]