No one dares, but everyone looks

After more than 30 days of thought, I decided to publish a new post. I was not completely abstinent all the time. Have collected topics, and fixed them here for the later completion. This is the first part of it.


I like to go out regularly in the nightlife. This should be no news to you. Düsseldorf is my preferred place to do this. This city is simply my home. I know almost every angle, every street. If I have to suspend a few days, I am getting nervous. As if I was missing something. It’s just fun for me to blend into the masses, and to have fun. There are already some reports, which I have shared on this behavior with you before.

I consciously avoid the queer scene. There are already enough scene-people around. I’d rather be surrounded by regular people. Even though this often leads to the fact, that some people do not know how to behave towards me. Mostly men make the problems. Especially when they are strongly drowned, or occur in groups. One is simply not so accustomed dealing with trans women. But, I am working on it. Who now claims that the gay scene is more tolerant, has not yet been trans woman there. Gays and lesbians are as little, or as tolerant as any other part of the German population. This is my reality.


No matter where I show up, I stand at the center of attention. I’m very tall. Men and women look at me. Sample me from top to bottom. Start to whisper. Most of them look away when caught. It seems to be an incredible sensation that I am existing. Large, blond, sexy, and apparently provided with a big question mark. Something like me is not very often. I’ve got used to it. It just belongs to going out. If I have spent a while in the location, it seems to me, that a habituation effect occurs. People are dealing with themselves again. Only some of them stay with me. I feel the attraction. Some people also address me directly. Ask questions. Sometimes more, sometimes less sent. If they cannot think of anything at all, it is often going under the belt line. But this is not to become our topic today. If you’re a colorful parrot, you’ll quickly find out, who can be your friends and who is not.


Many men try secretly to build eye contact. Unattended of their friends and accompaniments. They must not know, that they find me interesting. You can really observe that. It is every time like a short film that runs there. Always the same. The degree of jamminess in a bar is measurable. I can go to a pub without someone talking to me.


One night, I was in a well-visited bar. Really every man and woman, even those behind the bar, were looking at me. I did not dodge and smiled all the time. To be honest, I rarely amused myself so much. It was funny to scream and sad at the same time. I reckoned with it, that it would not be long before someone chatted me. That’s how it always was. According to how they just looked at me. Most people could not resist their curiosity. Asking questions. Buy me a drink. But that evening everything was different. The expected reactions did not materialize. The degree of jamming was therefore very high. This may have been due to the fact, that too little alcohol was drunk. However, none of them looked so sober.

This is the disadvantage when you are traveling alone through nightlife. One is dependent on the fact, that one comes into contact with the people. If for some reason this does not happen, then it is best to move next door. Good to know, that it is possible in Düsseldorf without any problems.


Have a good night, yours sincerely Mycha

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