A game changing approach to increase tolerance

Actually, I wanted to tell you today about my last weekend, but as it is so often in life, whims are changing all the time. Especially my personal moods. I also believe that my hormones, are now more involved into my decisions, than it was the case in the past. They have completely adapted themselves [...]

Ein Schachspiel für die Toleranz

Eigentlich wollte ich euch heute von meinem Wochenende erzählen, aber wie es so häufig im Leben ist. Launen ändern sich. Ganz besonders meine Launen. Ich glaube auch, das meine Hormone sich mittlerweile stärker bei meinen Entscheidungen einbringen, als es in der Vergangenheit der Fall war. Sie haben sich völlig von selbst an meine Weiblichkeit angeglichen. [...]

One of these (dysphoria) days

Skipped information Life could be so beautiful, when you have successfully turned your complete life around. It's what I did a few months ago - back in December. There's nothing, and nobody, that could have stopped my decision, at that point in my life. Also, there wouldn't be a such a thing, that can reverse my choice [...]