Emancipation of transgender women

Starting point

Yesterday night I started into a Twitter discussion with a trans woman, and a porn actor. It was more of a kind of a coincidental encounter. I simply liked one of her tweets, because I agreed to her statement, that ‘traps’ (*1) are depictions of transgender women, that add to a potential of violent behavior against us.

(*1) For those who never heard the term before – a trap is a situation, where a man thinks, he is dating a genetically born woman. Usually these situations come to a negative ending, when the man realizes, that his expectations differ from reality.

I added my comment on the problematic aspects of porn, and its effects on the image of transgender women in society. We then ended up in very controversial discussions. She defending her position with several statements about trans positive porn, feminism, and artwork. Me opposing, that we need positive transgender role models, showing young trans women, that there are other options, than to work in the porn industry.

Trans positive porn

My biggest respect to the word creation of ‘trans positive porn’ itself. Whoever is in charge of that formulation, must be a real mastermind, and having at least a marketing degree. It competes with other testimonials like ‘clean energy’ for nuclear power, or ‘work sets you free’ pinned on the gate of a nazi concentration camp. The term ‘trans’ seems to be only a category in that context. But what is there really positive about porn? Is it the objectification of women? The rewiring of the male brain, when consuming porn? The inhuman production circumstances? The unrealistic performances? The brutalization of making love?

Porn stigma

The porn stigma is something, that almost all trans women have to face every single day. When you joined me for one night, roaming through the local nightlife, you would know, what I am talking about. The amount of transphobic behavior against me, in combination with some porn stereotypes is disgusting. While this may not disturb you, being a trans porn actress, it’s something very insulting, when you have a regular profession. In my personal experience all these offenses have their heritage in the porn industry.

What is the emancipation of trans women

That means, that we have to change some of the aspects of our lives, in order to integrate ourselves into the public. Current states of acceptance are allowing trans women, to take jobs, and live our lives in areas, that we didn’t have access to in the past decades. We cannot let this opportunity simply pass by. Modern trans woman aim for roles that include us in the center of the regular society, rather than the edge.

Positive role models

To get a broad acceptance within the population, and to improve the images of transgender women, we need positive role models, with average lives, and in regular jobs. Why is that important? Because people’s minds work with stereotyped thinking. Nothing can change that, as this ability was developed at the beginning of human evolution. It was essential for successful survival in circumstances that were far more lethal, than in our days. As long as major parts of the public know nothing more than myths about trans people, acceptance will burst like a bubble for the majority of us. All trans folks who bring their kids to school in the morning, who share the same office, and so on, can contribute here.

Call for action

We are modern trans women. The times when there have been no alternatives, than to work in whatever branch of the sex industry are finally over. I am the best prove, that professionalism in other industries is possible, and that it can be successful, like in my case in the IT software industry. Trans women need to emancipate from outdated images of sex work, to access the areas of life, that we deserve. We shouldn’t blame sex workers for what they have achieved so far for all of us, but now is the time, to take responsibility for our own destiny.

If you liked (or not) the ideas that I have shared here, please leave a comment, and share that article to support.


Love, Mycha


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