My open letter to all feminists, and to all my fellow transgender sisters

Dear feminists,

given the fact, that you fight for the rights of all women – really all women? Why I am asking myself this question, it’s because some of you seem to exclude transgender women from your agenda. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

Fluidity of womanhood

There are countless definitions of “woman” in literature, and on the internet. Throughout history the meaning has changed several times. It was influenced by culture, by religion, by science, by biology, by art, by differentiation between sex and gender, by movements like feminism, and emancipation, and many other influences. There seems to be no consistency of the term ‘woman’ at all. It was evolving all the time, and it’s still kind of controversial even in our days. We can guess, that this fluidity will continue to exist.

Sad consistency

But there are also some facts that remain unquestioned. Women are significantly oppressed in comparison to men. While many aspects of our lives have improved, there are still lots of important things on the list, that need to be fixed.

Just a small extract:

  • Violence against women in public spaces
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • In most countries around the world it’s dangerous for women to go out alone at nighttime
  • Women being forced into prostitution
  • Freedom of choice in pregnancy
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • The explosion of the porn industry, is misleading our perception by men
  • Many women live in poverty
  • Pay gaps, stop us from being paid the same money for the same work that men are doing
  • Our political influence is poorly reflected
  • Access to education

The list is endless, and we all know that!

Unite to get the job done

It seems to be our nature, that we love to engage in endless discussions, that easily can become extensive, and very emotional. We love to complain to our best friends about every little detail, that makes us go crazy. The recent discussion about transgender women is a bad joke, that is defocussing both communities – the feminists, and the transgender community. While the agenda for both sides is growing bigger every day. We should unite, and fight together, instead of insulting each other. Let’s wake up, and take our responsibility for real, and lets get the job done!!!


Your absolutely welcoming, and inclusive thinking, Mycha

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