My heart is bleeding, and for a moment it stopped beating, when I was about to see this hatecrime video from Brazil. It is absolutely shocking. This is really the worst thing, you can watch these days on the internet. The video shows a transgender person beaten down on the street, and wheelbarrowed away, before she finally was beaten to death. And it’s everywhere on the net. I could cry out, but I can’t, because I have not enough breath to do so at the moment. Still horrified, and full of anger caused by these inhuman pictures!

Maybe I thought, that I am strong enough, but I’m not.

I can only encourage everyone not to watch it, because it’s gonna destroy everything that you believed in! If you didn’t see it yet, I highly advise you to ignore it! These news are erasing everything that we’ve achieved so far, and I wonder why I clicked on it. Maybe I thought, that I am strong enough, but I’m not. I don’t believe there is someone who is prepared for this. To deal with it. Noone can be ever prepared for this. Noone!

Hatecrime numbers

We are counting numbers how many transgender people died from other incidents like that, to remind us, that we still have to fight for our rights, and sometimes for our bare survival. Is this the world, that we are living in? And is this the world, we want to be living?

Ignorance is not the right answer

These #hatecrimes were something I never faced consciously before, because I was just noticing them on the go. Between two meetings, when scrolling through some news, or while I was doing other irrelevant things. Always thought they exist, but as long as I am not affected, I thought, that I didn’t need to deal with them. That’s what I thought about hatecrimes. There are many others, who do it the same way. This behavior is absolutely comprehensible, and we should respect that.

Accept hatecrimes?

But what if you and me belong to those people, that don’t accept? What if we are different? I could never watch a real injustice, nor could I accept the loss of anyone’s integrity. Respect for people never has to end. It’s my nature to stand up for it!

Hate creates hate

But when you let anger and violence out, you achieve nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Hate is like a boomerang – it’s coming back! Everyone is the looser in this game. You can’t win, you only loose. Also I don’t think you can force anyone to change his mind. The only thing that is capable of that, is love! Love can do this. It is stronger than hate will ever be! Start with yourself, and start now!

How can we deal with it?

So what is the correct answer to hatecrimes then? Honestly and with respect I have no answers to that. Resignation is no option. Hate is no option! What remains, is simply love. Than more people are busy with love, than less time, and than less ambitions they have to hate. We wouldn’t stop everybody, but let’s at least minimize it.


Have a peaceful night, Mycha

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