Let’s unite the LGBT community now!

There are many things, that make me think these days. One of them is my own experience, and the impressions that I have got on some aspects of our beloved LGBT community. Am I doing better than you? Sad but true, I'm not doing a bit better than anyone else. I may be idealistic in [...]

Protests against a gay kindergarten teacher, and what are the lessons learned from this?

On the German news - parents were protesting against a gay kindergarten teacher Today I caught attention of an article on the German print news on the internet. The story is about a gay kindergarten teacher in Berlin. The part of Berlin where the kindergarten is located, is mostly inhabited by people with an immigration [...]

Emancipation of transgender women

Starting point Yesterday night I started into a Twitter discussion with a trans woman, and a porn actor. It was more of a kind of a coincidental encounter. I simply liked one of her tweets, because I agreed to her statement, that 'traps' (*1) are depictions of transgender women, that add to a potential of violent [...]

Is there any tolerance and acceptance out there?

Since entrusting myself to my best friend in summer 2016, I collected lots of experiences on how tolerant people really are towards transgender women like me. This time I want to share some examples with you. Some of them are very personal. Best friend Lets start with her, my former best friendship with a plus. [...]

How much of a woman do you need, to feel #TransIsBeautiful ?

Welcome everybody back on my blog, and lets dive into my next article. Early bird The idea to write on that topic came up, when I had to wake up very early, to get on my flight to Munich last week. The alarm clock was set to 3:30 AM. Which was a horrible time, because I [...]

#Lovewins between mother and daughter

Good morning everyone, and welcome back. Diversion time In the last days my mind was kind of blocked. I couldn't complete the other article, that I am still writing on. The same happened to my Twitter activities, and also to any other accounts, that I am using. For the very first time - after constant [...]

My open letter to all feminists, and to all my fellow transgender sisters

Dear feminists, given the fact, that you fight for the rights of all women - really all women? Why I am asking myself this question, it's because some of you seem to exclude transgender women from your agenda. Please correct me if I'm wrong! Fluidity of womanhood There are countless definitions of "woman" in literature, [...]