The Myths About Transgender Toilet Usage

Did you ever realize that most of the complaints about transgender using women toilets come from older mostly unattractive men? Many of them seem to be politicians. Honestly???! I wonder how many of these guys ever saw the inside of a womens toilet at all.

For me it was never an issue going to a toilet. Honestly usually folks don’t really think about it, so why should I? Everyone has a need to use a toilet from time to time. People simply use the restrooms, no thinking, no discussions about it, just doing what you have to do. Don’t make a big business out of it. It’s not that interesting!

Why that topic became so political in some states of the U.S., that courts have to be involved, is a big mystery for me.

Besides it seems to address only half of the trans community. M2F or transwomen usually. Why do these people seem to complain less about F2M or transmen using the mens restrooms? Am I the only one, who is having this impression???

There are many myths about transgender people, and one of the most irrational is the usage of a public toilet. What do these people think, we are doing there?

No woman I ever met there, have had an issue with me. A classic situation is, me standing in front of the mirror in a restroom, doing some lady stuff with my makeup. Then another girl appears, asking me:

‘Hey, do you mind, if I use your powder brush?’

‘Can I borrow your comb’

‘Can I have that… (whatever cosmetics I have with me, and I carry lots of stuff with me, you can believe me).

Many times we then had funny conversations. About guys, about my eyeliner, about eyebrows, about the last episode from Game of Thrones, or some other series we had in common, about haircuts, about haircolors, about friends, about god, and about the world. Countless conversations. Sometimes I think, I’ve spent half of my life there, having a real good time with some other girls. I also have countless restroom selfies with girls I met there (in the front room! No, definitely not in the closet guys, I don’t do any selfies there!!!). Often other girls were joining us, so from time to time we had to split in groups, because there were so many of us, that not everyone fitted on the camera. I also made new friends in restrooms. There seems to be a magic atmosphere over there.

And believe me you old average looking men, every experience I had in a restroom, was far from your crazy phantasies!

Let us be girls, women, and ladies! Please take care of your own business. There is no need for your involvement!

More importantly do your jobs! Create employment, lower the crime rates, and do whatever important business for your America First. I don’t believe that any restroom bills would solve some if these issues. Do you?


Have a good night, bye bye, Mycha

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