Transphobic Pseudo Journalism – a Growing Trend to Attack Transgender and LGBT Communities

Hello everybody 👩‍💻,

this morning I was close to drop my coffee out of my hand, while I was reading an article written by Rod Dreher at titled ‘Question Gender? Your Life Might Fall Apart’. You can find the full publication here:

Mr. Dreher is referencing to an interview, originally carried out by a New Yorker journalist named Daniel Krieger. The original source can be found here:

I’ll recommend reading Daniel Krieger’s article first, before you go ahead with Mr. Dreher, but finally it’s up to yourself, and also whether you are willing to invest your time, to understand what is going on out there.

Now why was I so furious about Mr. Dreher’s statements? Well because writers like Mr. Dreher take LGBT related sources out of their context, constructing their own theories about the community. With little effort, people like him create a piece of work, that I would define as pseudo journalism. But please feel free to form your own opinions, by reading carefully both referenced sources.

To be more specific, Mr. Dreher takes one quote out of the context, exploiting it to his purposes:

‘Once you start questioning gender, sometimes a lot of other things fall down like a house of cards’.

The emphasis on this quote, combined with a little bit modification of it found in the title:

‘Question Gender? Your Life Might Fall Apart’

He tries to get the original statements into a completely different light.

A quick reader can easily tap into it. Andy Izenson, the person who was interviewed, never said, that questioning genders made his life fall apart. However Mr. Dreher wanted to make his readers to believe that.

Mr. Dreher further wrote this, which from a quantitative perspective can be seen, as his main intellectual input:

‘“Destabilized”? How could you tell? The reader who sent this interview to me took note of the line about everything falling apart once you question gender. Another way to put it is, “Once you start questioning that there is ultimate meaning and purpose in material reality, sometimes a lot of other things fall down like a house of cards.” Andy Izenson is living out the end game of modernity. Andy Izenson is also living in a nuthouse.’

Wow, big final. Now Mr. Dreher showed his real face. From his point of view this lifestyle is the end game of modernity, and people like Andy Izenson are living in nuthouses.

What are my two main takeaways?

1st) be very careful while reading, and understanding any kind of text, especially on the internet. Even in my publications – read them carefully, and challenge them with your own thoughts. Although I would never sign, that I am trying to influence someone based on false facts.

Manipulative pseudo journalism is not easy to discover, and even worse it’s exploiting todays reading styles. In our days, we get flooded by information, and the time that we can invest, to fully understand the background of a written article is very limited. That makes it very easy for these people, to achieve their goals.

2nd) Transphobic people are evolving, and you can observe a growing trend, them using LGBT statements, against the community. We shall not leave them any ground, but stand up against it, by discovering their hidden agendas, and making them publicly available to anybody, who might be interested.

Stay awake, and question everything. Especially from questionable sources.


Have a good night, Mycha

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