WTF transphobia?

This article is about transphobia, and how you can avoid committing it.
First of all what is transphobia?

Let me explain. However don’t consider this definition as the only truth, as there may be differing views on this delicate topic, even within the trans community. More importantly I encourage you, who are reading my stuff, and any other stuff from third parties – educate yourself, by reading from different sources, and form your own opinion.

Ok now let’s go ahead. Transphobia can be any kind of human interaction with a transgender person, or with a group of trans folks, that transgenders would define as transphobia. Now that sounds difficult, and to be honest with you – it is. Why is that? Well, it all starts with education about trans people. Than less you know about how to interact with transgenders, than more likely you are to commit a transphobic action. It’s comparable to visiting other countries, not knowing what are the do’s and dont’s.

Especially non-transgenders could easily tap into transphobia, even if that was not your intention.

Let me give you just one example:

A transgender person may use a certain pronoun. In my case I use she/her, but any other trans person could be using different pronouns like for example he/him or they/them, or sometimes switching between a set of pronouns, sometimes depending on their appearance, and sometimes not. Now when you would call the transgender with a pronoun, that this person wouldn’t accept, it is called ‘misgendering’ the person, and believe me, it’s only one example of transphobia from many more. Maybe it’s one of the most common examples of transphobia at all.

It’s comparable to this. In your world you wouldn’t call your mother with a male pronoun, when she is defining herself as a woman. She may be angry about it, especially when you do it all the time.
If you think I’m wrong, then give it a try, and I look forward to your feedback after some days. Bad joke. I know you wouldn’t do this, unless you are a maniac.

Okay let’s get on from that point. When meeting a transgender person it’s best to ask, what pronouns this person is using. Don’t expect that you already know the truth. Also some people I meet, they simply don’t think about it, which doesn’t make it any better. As soon as they refer to me with ‘he’ or ‘him’ they may loose lots of sympathies, that I may have had towards them.

You see it’s not easy, but there’s a way out by reading, and understanding this article.

I hope I could help you out a little bit, even if you haven’t been aware of your problem – typical behavior of a sales person 😉✌️👩‍💻


Have a good time, Mycha

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