He wanked over my picture

Let me share a weird story with you, about a Twitter experience a couple of days ago. I was tweeting to my timeline. Then had some unread messages in my Twitter mailbox. Usually I get very quickly over them, deleting automated standard welcoming messages, reading and answering to some people, that I used to chat with for some good reasons. But this time there was something else also going on. The preview already included the whole text, but I couldn’t avoid clicking it. The profile itself had a generic picture on it, surely not the person, that wrote this stuff. Here it is ‘I wanked on your picture’. First of all I am not a native speaker, so I needed Google to confirm, what I already expected. My feeling was somehow disturbed by the expectation, that I already got the right meaning for the words. Initially I thought of deleting this mail, and so did I. Then after a while my mind started thinking about it.

What kind of person is doing something like that? I mean I was not shocked by the fact, that some guys out there are doing their wanking stuff. I mean it’s okay to do it, and it’s natural and healthy to do so. Get the pressure from the pipe is better, than going mad about it. But – why the hell does a guy have to write to a woman, that he wanked on her picture? What’s the sense of it? I mean is it enforcing his wanking experience while he is wanking on my picture? A kind of super-wank? Also he sent me the picture, he was referring to. It was one of my very usual selfies, that I was used to tweet in the past. There was nothing sexual on it. I mean it was a selfie. I was clothed rather unadventurous, smiling to the camera.

I was, and still I am not able to get any conclusions from it. Then I thought about other women on the internet. Celebrities like J-Lo for example. I was guessing how many men have wanked over her pictures. It must be an army of wanking men.

Was this the price, that I had to pay? Being an object for at least one guy I knew about, that was wanking about my selfies?

Internet you do crazy things with us. To be honest, the impact on my personal wellbeing is zero. But it makes me think. Think about my 3 little daughters that are going to school now. My oldest daughter is 12 years old. She created a Facebook profile some months ago. As we the parents got attention about it, it was already stuffed with lots of pictures, that she posted. The worst thing is, that kids don’t care about privacy. Yes, her profile was set public.

I got no more words to say so far. Have a good night my friends. And those of you who have to wank about someones pictures, please do it without any notice to the person. It’s natural to wank, but it’s definitely superfluous to inform people about it. In this sense – happy wanking!


See you next time on my blog, cheers Mycha

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