The Myths About Transgender Toilet Usage

Did you ever realize that most of the complaints about transgender using women toilets come from older mostly unattractive men? Many of them seem to be politicians. Honestly???! I wonder how many of these guys ever saw the inside of a womens toilet at all. For me it was never an issue going to a [...]

Transphobic Pseudo Journalism – a Growing Trend to Attack Transgender and LGBT Communities

Hello everybody 👩‍💻, this morning I was close to drop my coffee out of my hand, while I was reading an article written by Rod Dreher at titled 'Question Gender? Your Life Might Fall Apart'. You can find the full publication here: Mr. Dreher is referencing to an interview, originally carried out by [...]

WTF transphobia?

This article is about transphobia, and how you can avoid committing it. First of all what is transphobia? Let me explain. However don't consider this definition as the only truth, as there may be differing views on this delicate topic, even within the trans community. More importantly I encourage you, who are reading my stuff, [...]

Why I’m still here

Started off with this Twitter account some time ago in September. At that time I was thinking, I could meet some other trans personalities to chat with about our experiences. I mean until then most of the time I was hiding my little secret, behind the safe space of the walls of my place, behind [...]

He wanked over my picture

Let me share a weird story with you, about a Twitter experience a couple of days ago. I was tweeting to my timeline. Then had some unread messages in my Twitter mailbox. Usually I get very quickly over them, deleting automated standard welcoming messages, reading and answering to some people, that I used to chat [...]

Blogbuch Tag 1 – es geht los

Wenn ich ehrlich bin, von Tag 1 kann hier nicht mehr die Rede sein, wenn wir über die Entstehung dieses Blogs sprechen wollen - wohl eher Wochen. Die Idee mir die eigene Domain für meinen Blog zu sichern, kam ziemlich spontan zustande. Es war eine Nacht in der ich schlecht geschlafen habe. Nach zahlreichen Umwälzmanövern [...]